WP Easy Poll

Use this plugin as voting solution for your wordpress site. This plugin is very easy to setup and use. Just create polls and add the poll widget in the sidebar. Registered users as well as visitors of your site can submit votes. One user can submit vote only once per poll. Visitor votes are tracked by their IP addresses.

  • This is a simple user polling plugin.
  • Create polls from admin panel. Unlimited polls can be created from admin panel.
  • Add polls to the widget areas of your site. Multiple poll widgets can be added in your site.
  • Users can submit vote from frontend and view voting results.

WP Easy Poll PRO

In the PRO version Users will be able to create Polls from frontend of your site. * Polls created by users will not be visible in the site untill administrator manually add them in the Widgets or Sortcodes. * Administrator of the site will be Notified by Email once a new poll is created by users. * Voting results can be Emailed to users from admin panel. * Admin can download voting results as CSV. * ChooseColor for the voting bar in frontend as per your theme. Click here for full details. Get it here in USD 2.00

Shortcodes And Widgets

Use this Please login to view support ticket. shortcode in your page to display the list of support tickets submitted by a registered user. Logged in users will be able view tickets submitted by them and add reply to the tickets.( "title" is optional ).

Use this Please login to create support ticket. shortcode in your page to display support ticket form ( "title" is optional ).

Use this [ticket_list_all title="Support Tickets"] shortcode in your page to display the list of all support tickets submitted by users. This will allow visitors of the site to view tickets and replies. ( "title" is optional ).

Use Support Ticket List Widget to list recent/ specific tickets in the widget area. This will allow other users of the site to view specific (The tickets that you choose to be displayed in the widget) tickets with replies but only the Author of the ticket can Add/ Submit a reply.

Use Create Support Ticket Widget to display new support ticket form in the widget area of your site.

Ticket Listing

view 1

Ticket list for a specific user. Only the tickets created by him/her self are listed here.

Ticket Widget

view 2

List recent/ specific support tickets by ticket IDs in the Widget area of your site.

Support Ticket List Widget Settings

view 3

Create Support Ticket Widget Settings

view 4

Ticket List Admin View

view 5

Ticket list view in admin panel

Create Support Ticket

view 6

Create support ticket form.

Reply to Ticket

view 7

Reply to support ticket.

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