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Post by Email is a way of publishing posts on your blog using your email. Any email client can be used to send the email, allowing you to publish quickly and easily from devices such as cell phones if you don’t have the WordPress mobile app installed.

You can do this in a few easy steps:

  1. Activate the Post by Email module on the Jetpack screen
  2. Go to Users → Your Profile screen
  3. Generate a special email address by clicking Enable Post by Email

Need more detail? Read on or click directly to the section you want to see.

Generating a Post by Email Address

Before you can publish by email, you must generate a special email address. This address is unique to you and must be kept secret (anyone that knows the email address can publish a post to your blog). If there are multiple authors on the blog, each person must connect separately to get a separate special email address.

  1. Make sure that the Post by Email module is activated in Jetpack.
  2. Make sure that your user account is connected to
  3. Go to Users → Your Profile.

    Post By Email - Your Profile

  4. Locate the Post by Email section.

    Post By Email - Enable

  5. Click the “Enable Post by Email” button.

    Your Post By Email Address

You now have a special email address to use for your blog.

Sending Emails

Once you have your Post by Email address, sending an email is simple:

Post By Email - mail example

The email subject is used as your post’s title. The body is the post’s contents.

Mail Formatting

Your email can be plain text or formatted. As much formatting as possible will be retained, although the Post by Email system will strip unnecessary HTML tags so that your email is displayed correctly. Note that you will need to use an email client that supports rich text or HTML formatting in order to make use of this feature. Most website based clients (Hotmail, Gmail) do support this, as do most desktop clients (Outlook, Mail). You may need to switch your client into rich text or formatted mode.


Post by email will automatically remove any email signatures that match the standardsignature block pattern:


(that is, dash dash space)

It will also remove anything after a <hr/> HTML tag and attempts to clean up cellphone network signatures.

If your email system attaches a signature that does not match any of these patterns then you can manually tell Post by Email to stop including text by adding the special


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