Frontend Login and Registration

Responsive Frontend Login and Registration plugin. A plugin for displaying login, register, editor and restore password forms through shortcodes.

  • [clean-login]
  • [clean-login-edit]
  • [clean-login-register]
  • [clean-login-restore]


  • Add your login form in the frontend easily (page or post)
  • And also the registration and the lost password form
  • If user is logged in, the user will see a custom profile and will be able to edit his/her data in another front-end form
  • One shortcode per form, you only need to create a page or post and apply this shortcode to create each form you want


  • Every form created is Responsive
  • CSS adapted to every theme

Spam protection

  • Register form protected with CAPTCHA (as an option)
  • Forms are also protected by Honeypot antispam protection


More features

  • Auto status checker
  • Hide admin bar for non-admin users as an option
  • Disable dashboard access as an option
  • Standby user role for new user registration. With no capabilities, to allow admin approval of users optionally
  • Auto linked forms, if you place a shortcode in a page/post the link between them will be automatically generated
  • And yes, this is WordPress 4.0 ready! Also compatible with WooCommerce.
  1. clean-login screenshot 1Login form
  2. clean-login screenshot 2Preview user
  3. clean-login screenshot 3Editor form
  4. clean-login screenshot 4Lost password form
  5. clean-login screenshot 5Register form with CAPTCHA
  6. clean-login screenshot 6Setting access from the dashboard
  7. clean-login screenshot 7Setting page from the dashboard
  8. clean-login screenshot 8Settings menu
  9. clean-login screenshot 9Plugin status
  10. clean-login screenshot 10Options section
  11. clean-login screenshot 11Settings updated
  12. clean-login screenshot 12WPML. Certificate of Compatibility

You could test it here Enjoy!

Love for all
Budi Ain, Ir.


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