4 ways to always find topics to write about for your blog!

A lot of people have trouble coming up with topics they think people want to read. They belong to a traditional industry, and they don’t know if writing a blog fits in with their strategy.

For tons of industries – real estate, law, dentistry, construction, etc. – an almost inexhaustible supply of blog topics exists.
And, a well blog in any of those can hike your business to new heights, as well as generate an extra stream of income!
Here are 4 ways to always find topics to write about for your blog!

1. Product/Company Reviews
No matter which niche your site fits into, there will always exist the basic human need to know what stuff actually works!
Think about it: before you buy a flat screen from Best Buy, you read the reviews!
Or, before you see the latest movie (and dropping like 11 bucks on it), you ask your friends about it.
Those are product reviews, and people need them.
Let’s say you’re in the business of designing and building swimming pools. Your article could be:
“XYZ Review: Why XYZ’s New Swimming Pool Heater Isn’t Worth Half What You’ll Pay”
Or a vet clinic:
“Why XYZ’s New Collars Are Just What Your Pit Bull Needs”

2. How-Tos
I love how-to posts! You love how-to posts! So write how-to posts!
People surf the web for articles that will answer a pressing question. If I’m trying to learn how to put a website live on the Internet, perhaps a web designer could write this article:
“How to Get Your Website Live on the Internet in Less Than 60 Seconds”
These types of articles satisfy the most fundamental reason the Internet exists – to share information. Well, and to watch cat videos, of course.

3. Top 10 Lists
No matter what you write about, top 10 lists are informative, entertaining, and practically force your readers to read your entire post (because who wants to stop at number 5 when they’re halfway through the list?).
Some examples:
“The Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow in Your Family Garden”
“8 Interior Design Tips to Increase Your House’s Value by 10%”
“Top 12 Hair Styles in Fashion Today”
Not only are these easy to read and digest for your visitors, but they’re also super-easy to write.

4. Informational
Clearly, all of these topics are informational, but what I mean is to simply and clearly explain basic aspects of your business.
You know more about your industry than 99% of the people who’ll visit your site. You’re the expert; you do it for a living. With that in mind, you’ll need to educate your readers, even if the topic seems simple.
For example, the swimming pool guy from above could write:
“Why You Need to Make the Switch From Chlorine to Bromine Now”
That type of post will include a simple explanation of the differences between the two, and serves to informs the audience about an important aspect of your industry.
Other examples:
“The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Your Own Home”
“Why You Should Use Oil-Based Paints for your Outdoor Projects”

Getting the idea?
Clearly, “informational” can mean virtually anything you want to write about. The key here is to assume that the majority of your readers aren’t experts. Don’t assume you have to make a groundbreaking discovery to post an article.
Stick to basics, and inform your audience of what they need to know when getting involved in your industry.
Do you know of any other article ideas? Let us know!


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